How to Choose a Vacuum

How to Choose a Vacuum

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Shopping for an Upright Vacuum
If 50% of your home is carpeted, an upright is a good choice! Here’s why an upright is a great choice: 
  • Simple maneuverability
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight and commercial models available
  • Models available with filtration systems for allergy sufferers
  • Tools on board enable detailed cleaning from upholstery to baseboards
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If you are looking for an upright to do both carpets and bare floor cleaning, be sure to select a model with a brush roll shutoff switch or an extension hose with a bare floor brush. Try one of our Hoover vacuums or Miele vacuums.

Shopping for a Canister Vacuum
If 50% of your home is bare floor, consider a canister model as your solution. Revolving brush canisters are designed to clean carpets, area rugs, and bare floors, while straight suction models are ideal for bare floors and detail cleaning. Additional features of canister vacuums include the following: 
  • Better suction than upright models
  • Lower profile heads allow for easy cleaning under beds and tables
  • Ideal for stairs
  • Great for cleaning car interiors
  • Models available with a filtration system for allergy sufferers
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Allergy-Friendly Vacuums

Shopping for an Allergy Vacuum

Allergy sufferers are aware of the problems that can be caused by an ineffective vacuum cleaner. To reduce the amount of fine dust being circulated by a standard vacuum, there are several options on the market today: 
  • The simplest solution to improve filtration is to use an allergy bag in your vacuum. Allergy bags are double-lined to trap more fine dust than a standard vacuum bag. 
  • Vacuums that include a filter behind the bag trap allergens that may pass through the bag. A washable foam filter or a finer electrostatic filter are 98% efficient and inexpensive to maintain. 
HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air) provide the finest filtration and are available for almost all vacuums, even central vacuum systems. Severe allergy sufferers should consider this type of filtration. HEPA filters work best on models that are more powerful and have a completely sealed system. This filter type typically costs between $20 and $80, and should be replaced at least once a year. We carry many different types of HEPA filters and vacuum cleaner parts, call ahead to make sure we have the filter you need in stock. Visit our local store in Buffalo, NY to purchase your HEPA vacuum filter.

To learn more about vacuum options that are available to you, visit our Facts About Vacs page
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