Facts About Vacs

Facts About Vacs

Vacuum Features and Options

Bags vs. Bagless
Most of the vacuum cleaners sold at big box stores are bagless. This is not by chance. Although bagless vacuum cleaners seem to be appealing because you don’t have to purchase bags, the bagless vacuums use the filters for suction rather than for filtration. When a bagless vacuum cleaner filter starts to clog, it must be removed from the cleaner and shaken out/cleaned with your hands for the vacuum to continue to work. 

As bagless vacuums work, the dust goes back into the air and the same holds true when you dump the container. The fine dust particles and nanoparticles distribute back into the air, causing allergies and asthma. 

Bagless vacuums are sold cheaply to consumers because the cost of filters balances their cost. 

Bagged vacuums contain the captured dust only in the bag, which is lined with a protective casing. If a sealed vacuum is purchased, 99.999% of all of the dust particles are captured in the bag and filtration system and are not redistributed back into the air. The filters of bagged vacuums are for filtration, and do not work for suction like bagless vacuum cleaners.

The choice, ultimately, is yours. Would you rather spend extra money on a bagged vacuum cleaner if it means protecting your family and environment from harmful particles such as fleas, dust mites, and viruses that you can’t see?
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Canister Vacuums vs. Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaners are best for homes that have more carpeting, though canister vacuum cleaners have larger motors than uprights, making them stronger and more versatile. 

Most upright vacuum cleaners have tools and attachments on them that are not easily used. Though they are convenient, when push comes to shove, a canister vacuum with an electric power nozzle will out clean any upright vacuum. Canister vacuums are easier to use and lighter to push along than upright vacuums. Their tools and attachments are convenient, and the hose on a canister vacuum allows you to vacuum an entire flight of stairs with ease. Canister vacuums are also ideal for use on hardwood floors. 

Shopping for an Upright Vacuum
If 50% of your home is carpeted, an upright is a good choice! Here’s why an upright is a great choice: 
  • Simple maneuverability
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight and commercial models available
  • Models available with filtration systems for allergy sufferers
  • Tools on board enable detailed cleaning from upholstery to baseboards
If you are looking for an upright to do both carpets and bare floor cleaning, be sure to select a model with a brush roll shutoff switch or an extension hose with a bare floor brush. 

Shopping for a Canister Vacuum
If 50% of your home is bare floor, consider a canister model as your solution. Revolving brush canisters are designed to clean carpets, area rugs, and bare floors, while straight suction models are ideal for bare floors and detail cleaning. Additional features of canister vacuums include the following: 
  • Better suction than upright models
  • Lower profile heads allow for easy cleaning under beds and tables
  • Ideal for stairs
  • Great for cleaning car interiors
  • Models available with a filtration system for allergy sufferers

Learn About Vacuums

What does HEPA really mean?  
High Efficiency Particulate Air 

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then a vacuum with sealed HEPA filtration is the way to go. HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of airborne particles .3 micrometers in diameters. Particles of that size are the most difficult to filter, and thus are considered to be the most penetrating particle size. Particles that are larger or smaller are filtered with even higher efficiency. 

HEPA filters are composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers. Key metrics affection function are fiber density and diameter as well as the thickness of the filter. HEPA filters are designed to target and capture by interception, impaction, and diffusion. The United States Department of Energy regulates the rating system for HEPA filters. 

For a HEPA filter to be effective, the vacuum cleaner must be designed as a sealed HEPA or True HEPA vacuum cleaner. Be wary of vacuum cleaners that advertise HEPA-like filters, as they do not meet the HEPA requirements. 
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Advice from the Experts

There are hundreds of brands and models of vacuum cleaners available to you from a variety of outlets. As your local, independent vacuum cleaner care retailer, our business is to help you to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs and to help you to maintain your vacuum cleaner for years of use. 

The benefits of our years of experience and product knowledge that you receive at our shop are unsurpassed. We’ll help you to find the vacuum cleaner that’s right for your specific needs. Every homeowner has a different cleaning situation – pets, allergies, carpet type, hard floor surfaces, etc., and we’ll show you how different vacuum cleaner models will handle them all. 

In addition to selling vacuum cleaners, we provide professional on-site service and repair.
All About Miele S7 Uprights 

A significant benefit of the Miele S7 is its innovative, patented SwivelNeck™, which allows for steering in all directions. The SwivelNeck ‘s maneuverability allows the S7 to be laid flat to the floor, making getting under beds and other low furnishings simpler and more convenient. 

Using the foot switch, the casing is disengaged from the floor head and the rear wheels disappear into the body of the vacuum, enhancing fluid maneuverability without the need of exertion. The vacuum’s front caster wheels rotate 360° and are non-marring rubber wheels, protecting smooth surfaces. S 7280 and S 7580 models are available. 

Benefits of Miele S7 Uprights include: 
  • Maximum agility and maneuverability
  • Built-in conveniences, including a 12’ hose, lightweight suction tube, and an anti-tipping device
  • Gentle dusting brush and hand tools for hand cleaning
  • 39’ power cord and 54’ operating radius with flexible suction hose and wand
  • Remarkably quiet 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System with guaranteed optimal airflow
  • 20-year life protocol
  • Intelligent automatic settings which automatically adjust the power level to suit the surface being cleaned
  • Automatic height adjustment features that follow the contour of the surfaces being cleaned 
  • Original sealed system to ensure air cleanliness 
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